Covalent Coating Technologies


Covalent Coatings Technologies is a dynamic, small, minority owned company that takes the combined experience from hard materials and coating specialists in the aerospace and biomedical industries and put them to work to develop your new, better surface.

As experts with advanced degrees in materials and mechanical engineering as well as experience in manufacturing and regulatory controls. We see hard coatings and their substrate as a “coating system.” Whether it be aerospace, biomedical device, renewable energy, environmental protection, sealing or embedding needs coatings are not complicated to us and we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the appropriate coating for your needs.

Within our growing IP holdings, Covalent has developed patented coating systems that are seen as revolutionary in their respective markets.

Let us help you to create a product that truly interacts with the environment that leads to a better device, a longer life and a healthier environment.


Orville Bailey, MS Ceramic Engineering
President – Covalent Coating Technologies

We can determine how to best help you in your search for a tenacious coating to serve your needs.

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