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Nautiluses are the sole living cephalopods whose bony body structure is externalized as a shell. The nautilus shell is composed of two layers: a matte white outer layer, and a striking white iridescent inner layer. The Sr, Mg, and Ca chemistry and mineralogy of the shell, beaks, and inorganic compounds of the renal appendages of Nautilus reveal a complex physiochemical system of biomineralization. The chemistry of the shell and septal aragonite is similar, and establish that N. pompilius discriminates against the concentration of Sr and Mg in sea water by 78% and more than 99% respectively. Beaks consist of high-Mg calcite (4.4% MgCO3). Renal appendages contain either aggregates of crystals (uroliths) of Mg-oxalate dihydrate with nuclei of hydroxyapatite or disassociated particles of hydroxyapatite or both.

About - Overview

Welcome to the Covalent Coating Technologies website.

Covalent Coating Technologies is a hard coating systems company. We design coatings for specific needs often working intimately with the customer to create the optimal substrate-coating system possible. We work with our customers and based on their needs develop the surface preparation technology and the coating manufacturing technology that suits our customer. We can either produce the coatings on a per part basis, license the technology to the customer, or create a partnership for the development of the process – CCT is small, and that allows us to be very flexible in our modes of operation.

As coatings are our specialty, we pride ourselves on our abilities to design a wide variety of coatings and the technology to place them on a wide variety of substrates. We are used to developing new solutions as well as using those that are already on the shelf.

CCT’s technologies are based on metallic and ceramic coatings that are produced through a wide variety of coating process technologies. These coating technologies greatly enhance the surface properties of the parts that they coat. These coatings are useful for corrosion or erosion resistance, increasing the working temperature of the part, putting the part in an environment that would otherwise destroy the part, making it smoother, making it a different color or creating any one of many surface properties that doesn’t exist on the uncoated part.

CCT is a small high technology company with a high level of expertise and experience. We are a minority owned company that is focused on producing the best coating possible for your needs.

We can determine how to best help you in your search for a tenacious coating to serve your needs.

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