Covalent Coating Technologies

Aerospace surfaces

The outer surfaces of a plane deal with different extreme environments. Whether it is the high temperature environment of a turbine vane, the extreme erosion seen by a nozzle or combustor, or the corrosion and abrasion that is seen by the outer surface materials of the air control surfaces and fuselage, coatings are the route to improved performance of materials.

Covalent Coating Technologies was born from a fusion of experiences in aerospace and medical materials. From a plasma sprayed combustor can to an EB-PVD turbine airfoil, Covalent has experience in aerospace coatings; in new product design; and in aftermarket product refurbishing. We understand the service environments, the coating technologies and the regulatory requirements necessary to successfully develop your aerospace part.

We can determine how to best help you in your search for a tenacious coating to serve your needs.

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